Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Word Roots ~ Kyla Fordyce

Root Word ~ Hygro (Moisture)
Hygrometer, Hygrograph, Hygrocole

My grandfather was always a scientific person. He would always get these new gadgets and try things out but use me as her try out gerbil. His favorite was the hygrometer. He would use it to figure out the humidity in the air for the day. One time I got shocked I then screamed at my grandfather and told him to get out of his own house. In his attic, he had a hygrograph in the back of the room to measure the humidity and the temperature of the room. He also had a Hygrocole in the garden room to gather the moisture in the air.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

What Is It That You Will Do with Your One Wild Precious Life?

I want to be successful. I want to be successful with my YouTube channel. Simply making people smile and laugh. Teaching people my technics and actually help them. Do this will change my life, and others. I would like to do that for the rest of my life. Hoping to make lives a little better.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Changes In My Life

The Changes In My Life
I furiously turned the paper over to see what my grade was. At the top of the paper it said: “63% and See me after class.” The bell rang with a loud beep, leaving me left with the noise in my head. I tried walking casually out the door trying not to be seen by Ms.Harper.

“Not so fast Miracle.” She announced with her finger in the air and eyebrows furrowed.

I walked backwards until I reached her desk. I looked at her waiting for her to talk.

“I don’t know what is going on with your grades, they are plummeting every single test and or assignment. I know you can do better than the grade that you got today. Please try because I don’t want to see you fail. You are a bright student who is smart and can do things. All you have to do is try. I’ll see you tomorrow.”She said as she stared right into my soul.

I took one last glimpse of her and walked out of the room. Walking to my locker I saw him. The hottest most nicest boy in the eleventh grade. He looked at me with a grin on his face. I smiled and continued my journey to my locker. I unlocked my locker and put all of my materials in my bookbag and headed outside.

The car screeched as I saw the door swing wide open. I hopped in the car as my mom and dad greeted me with a smile. I sat all the way in the back of the car and pulled out my phone. I picked my head up watching lightning bolts strike the street in front of us. My parents both whisper as they both look back at me. “Why do you guys keep looking back at me?” I asked with a questioning frown on my face.”

“We’re just looking at our beautiful daughter who is in eleventh grade and all grown up.My mom said. Once the car pulled up in the driveway I ran inside trying not to get soaked with water droplets the size of pebbles at the bottom of a lake. My parents trailed behind me with their clothes dripping with water like they had went swimming. When we walked in the house there were high pitched squeaking noises from our wet shoes. I carefully walked to my room in an attempt to not fall to the ground. I sprawled out all of my homework and worked through each assignment before I was loudly called to my mother’s room.

I sighed as I slowly stomped up the stairs. Every step was another creaking stair to remember. The door was wide open as I sluggishly inched my way toward my mother. Once I walked next to the bed, I slammed my body on the carpet and answered, “Yes mom?” I said as I could feel myself getting pale and sick. “Miracle, are you okay? You look sick” Miracle’s mother questioned.

“It’s not about me at the moment, just….. tell me what’s going on.” I said as I held my breath with the suspense of knowing that this was horrible news. “A tear trickled from my mom’s face. I watched it slide down her cheek and land on her lap. “Your father and I are getting a divorce, this has nothing to do with y….” That’s when the tears poured from my eyes. “What? Why would you guys do that? Life is already hard for me and now you’re gonna make everything ten times harder because I won’t be able to count on either of you if I need anything!” I hollered and ran back down the creaking stairs as I opened the front door and made a run for it down the street as my parents trailed behind. The rain from outside hit my face as tears ran from my eyes and blended in with the droplets. Both of my parents yelling from behind as they jogged to catch up to me. “Miracle! Miracle! Please come back!” My dad hollered. I quickly twirled my head watching neighbors step out of their houses trying to see what was going on.

I sprinted faster as my parents stopped jogging to see me turn the corner into an alley. I threw myself against the building and slid my back down where I could hold my knees and cry. You might be questioning, Your in eleventh grade and you reacted like that? Well i’m gonna answer that. Both my parents barely pay attention to me. They act as if I’m not there, i’m not important to them. It’s been hard for me to trust them after they lied to me multiple times to the point where I can’t even count anymore.They never supported me with anything so from there  on I knew it would be like pulling teeth to get them to support me in anything. I just wanted to be alone, away from them.

The next morning I woke up still in the alley, my eyes red and puffy and my clothes drenched in water. I stood up as one last tear fell from my eyes. I couldn’t cry anymore. I started walking back home until I realized that my phone was out of my pocket. I traced myself from that night, but I was outta luck. When I opened the door, I walked faster to avoid coming in contact with my parents. I heard their footsteps coming down the stairs as I slammed my bedroom door behind me locking it with pure exaggeration. I could hear the knocking at the door but I ignored it. On my bed was my phone that had been missing. I half smiled and put the phone on top of my outfit that I would wear for school. I took off my clothes trying not to get the carpet wet as much as possible and hopped in the shower. I washed my hair as the warm water ran through my scalp. Before I got in the shower, I smelled like a wet dog left outside in the rain that had fleas under its nails.
I then changed my clothes into a T- Shirt and some leggings, and slipped on some uggs and started on my way to school. My mom wait at the door holding her arms open for me to embrace her warmth and love. I walked over to her and put a fake smile on my face and pushed past her. “Miracle, please give me a chance!” I turned around and looked to see her eyes tearing up. I just stared at her but then kept on walking. I took out my phone from my hoodie and looked at all of the texts and calls I had missed. My best friend had called me over 5 times. I then clicked on the call button. The phone rang in my ear when my friend answered. “ Hello, fellow friend! You see I picked up your phone call right? She said annoyed. “I’m sorry Danny, things went on last night. I’ll tell you when we get to school.

15 minutes past and I was a block away from school. I saw Daniella flailing her arms in the air indicating that she was there waiting for me. Walking up to her I could feel my hands tensing up like when you’re a getting your ears pierced, and that shocking pinch you get. Automatically my eyes started tearing and lay my head on Danny’s shoulder. I cried all the tears that were left until I was all dehydrated and left with nothing. The warning bell rang, for me to get to my first class. My first class was Writing Workshop with the nicest teacher; Miss Candy. I walked in with my eyes red and puffy, head down, and arms dangling. My dark brown hair hung over my face so nobody could see my ugly face. My nose was running but I didn’t care. Daniella walked me to class and sat behind me. Miss Candy stared at me with horror and confusion in her eyes.

“Miracle, can I see you in the hallway?” She glared at me trying not to look like she was staring. I slid my feet against the floor as Daniella dragged me by my arms. I met Miss Candy outside and looked at her.
“Miracle, What’s wrong?” She questioned
I looked at Daniella then at Miss Candy and told them what had been going on. Daniella had fright in her eyes like she just saw a creepy ghost with black hair covering her face. She then hugged me and put her face in my neck and kept repeating; “Miracle, I’m so sorry.” Miss Candy embraced us both because she knew we were hurt. I could feel that Daniella was hurt, she grew up with me and she knew my parents. We were and still are like sisters. We’re inseparable. I then was overwhelmed and needed to go home. I packed up my stuff, signed myself out and walked home. I opened the door and quietly walked to my room, shut the door and locked it. I didn’t need to be bothered by those people actually known as my parents. I heard my dad knocking on the door.
“Miracle, I’m so sorry you have to go through this. Your mom and I just don’t get along anymore. Really this has nothing to do with you. And I love you” Right after he had told me he loved me, I could hear him choking. Not the food type of choking, the pain choking. There was a huge boom noise like someone had fallen. I opened the door to see my dad on the floor clenching his chest where his heart was. His face looking strained and red. I quickly dialed 911.
“Police department, what’s your emergency?”
“I think my dad is having a severe heart attack, can you send an ambulance quick?” I said trying to stay calm as possible.
“We will send an ambulance, just stay on the phone and don’t hang up. Can you tell me how this happened? The women questioned me with a stern voice on the other end of the phone.
“He was stressed, he was just talking to me before he fell to the ground! He started clenching his throat and his face started to turn red, and blue and pale. Just please send me an ambulance! I said starting to raise my voice.
The ambulance arrived and determined men came into the house with a gurney and placed my dad on top and drove away,of course I went with him. I then texted my mom the news and she headed on her way to the hospital. An hour after the trauma, they finally got him stable to the point where he could comfortably sleep.
Days had past and everyday he got better and better. I made sure I visited him everyday until I got a phone call.
“This is the Cooper Hospital calling, I have some news about Marcus Johnson. Are you family towards Marcus?” The man asked with a questioning tone in his voice
“Yes, i’m his daughter. What’s wrong?”
“Your father passed away this morning from another heart attack that we couldn’t stop. I’m sorry for your loss. Have a nice afternoon.” The man said as he hung the phone up.
That’s when It hit me, my dad died because of me and my mom. I would never forgive myself. My eyes filled up with tears of anger. I punched the wall, I punched my bed, I punched anything that was in front of me. My mom dialed Daniella to come to my house. After the phone call was made, she ran downstairs to see me crying uncontrollably.
“Miracle? What’s going on?” She questioned
“Da- da- dad! He’s!” I cried harder
“Dad’s dead!!!!”
My mom stared at me with horror, she didn’t know what to do or say.
“Get in the car.” She announced
I started walking and crying I didn’t know what to do with myself. I got in the car and just sat there as my mom drove. Then we drove into the parking lot of the hospital. My mom’s face still straight. Like nothing had happened. She looked like she was staring off into space. The man at the front desk watched us as we both walked into the hospital.
“Can we see the body of Marcus Johnson?” My mom said looking the same.
“Are you family towards him?” The man questioned
“Yes, i’m his wife and this is his daughter Miracle. Can we see him now?”
The man lead us like we were lost puppies until we reached our destination. I saw his long body covered with a hospital blanket. The man pulled the blanket off for us to see his pale limp cold body. He was laying there peacefully and quietly. His face was blank, there was nothing there. I hugged my mom close like I was going to lose her. She then started to get emotion. 5 minutes after staring at the body that was once my living father, we both couldn’t take it anymore. The car ride home was the most silence I’ve heard in a long time.
Weeks went by and my mother and I became closer. Our relationship was like nothing ever happened. She came to my important events and acted just like a mom. I graduated from high school with 98% average GPA. She sat in the auditorium cheering me on. We became closer, and I would never ask for anything more than that.